Thursday, November 1, 2012

Too much is at stake here

Been pondering today on what Jesus has done to save my soul and to give me life and I am overwhelmed with Gratitude. He is the giver of life and has created us for a divine purpose

Some thoughts that are rattling around in my mind

* May I never waste another day of my life
* May I live to the full potential Jesus created me to live to
* May I not get sidetracked in selfish endeavors
* May I not waste the calling God has placed on my life
* May I not get caught up in foolish arguments and discussions
* May my presence in the world truly leave people running to Jesus and not me
* May I give Jesus the cleanest vessel to reside in
* May I truly go to my grave with nothing left over, having fully expended my life for Jesus
* May my wife Anne, know that she was truly loved as much as a man can ever love his wife
* May my children know that their Dad invested fully into helping them become the world-changers God created them to be.
* May a godly faithful legacy be passed down to my children
* May I not miss the God-moments along the way intended to remind me that he is clearly here
* May I be a life-longer learner and never settle into mediocrity
* May I tell anyone and everyone about the incredible, undeserved gift of salvation
* May my life exude the fruit of the Spirit
* May wisdom, truth and grace season all  my words
* May I be the hardest working servant of God
* May I never be "that guy"

Too much is at stake to live otherwise!

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