Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Whatever happened to Evangelism

Seriously whatever happened to Evangelism? 

Whatever happened to a clear presentation of the Gospel prompted by the Holy Spirit, powered by God, and spoken through an individual who has a heart for lost people? 
Whatever happened to altar calls where people heard a Spirit led call, and responded because God was drawing them to him?
Whatever happened to churches budgeting money to win souls to Jesus?
Whatever happened to Pentecost moments where 1000's were saved because the Gospel was presented ?
Whatever happened to asking for a decision?
Whatever happened to new converts being won to Jesus and bubbling over onto seasoned Christians who have forgotten what a new believer looks like?
Whatever happened to Churches planning services and events in such a way that they anticipated people crossing the line for Jesus?
Whatever happened to a brokenness for lost souls?
Whatever happened to door to door evangelism?

Here is what has happened!

We have let the Enemy convince us that our methods could never bring a sincere conversion.
We argue over methods and blasts pastors, churches, and individuals for calling for a decision.
We argue over nuances that say a prayer in a service doesn't save anyone.
We say we want to see people come to Christ, yet we have not shared the Gospel with our mouths in years.
We front load and even back load the Gospel making it a works salvation.
We forget how we were saved.
We somehow think that God could never bring someone to saving knowledge of Jesus in a service through a messenger of God.
We find every reason under the sun so that we don't have to share our faith.
Satan has us arguing over methods, nuances, Scriptures and meanwhile people go to hell.
We have let our view of Election  circumvent our responsibility.
We have become way too head heavy and want to learn more instead of putting into practice those truths.
We are afraid and hide behind our fear with a super-righteous persona.
We have sinned.
We have believed a lie that God can't save people through personal evangelism.
We have replaced evangelism with the social Gospel only.
We lost our hunger and zeal for God.
We think the Church is not the place for Lost people.

But I refuse to believe this junk because..

I was saved this way.
I have first hand experience watching others surrender to Jesus.
I ignore the ones who tell me all the reasons why it doesn't work and do nothing on their own.
I have been commanded to do so.
I see lost people going to hell and lose sleep over it.
My church is loaded with people who now are Christ-followers because they heard the Gospel.
My community needs a church that unashamedly shares the Gospel.
I feel led by the Spirit to do so.
God has not told me otherwise!

Will you join me?