Thursday, December 20, 2012

behind the scenes people

There are many heroes in our world that never make the headline news, yet they still go about their business with great passion and gusto. Let me introduce to you one of these people

Her name is Betty Ratliffe she is a faithful attendee of Grace Community Church. I have known Betty for 17 years. She has been one of my most faithful supporters at Grace Community. When I first came to Grace, fresh out of Seminary 17 years ago, Betty was here. 

Through the years she has made me more homemade chocolate goodies and food then anyone. She tells me often that she needs to fatten me up. She has always served in one fashion or another here at Grace. She lost her husband last year but she keeps going. We even had the chance to baptize her in her home a few months ago. 

So this morning I was in early working out and shooting hoops, and Betty was in the kitchen, getting food ready for the locals, that we feed every Thursday morning. I watched her come in all by herself open up the kitchen and start prepping breakfast.

I talked to her for a while and snapped this photo off. We laughed, and chatted and she worked hard to get things ready. I firmly believe that she will be in charge of a large portion of heaven because of her faithfulness.

As we were caroling last night we stopped by her house to sing to her in her trailer. She came to the door in her nightgown and just smiled as we sang. I love this dear woman and thank the LORD for the way she goes about serving others without any fanfare. I know she will never see this, because she doesn't own a computer or smartphone, but she is worthy of receiving this praise. I sure do love you Betty!

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Kimberly Leasure said...

The "Betty's" of this world are just a taste of Heaven,,,,loved reading this about a good and faithful servant. God's Blessings on Betty <3