Monday, December 10, 2012

got your back

A lot is said these days about reaching the man for Jesus. Sometimes more theory than really doing it. I have read as much as any man on this subject. I have an unusual passion to see men live up to their redemptive potential. 

One year ago we started a brand new men's ministry called fight club. This has lit a fire in the hearts of our men at Grace Community. It has started a fresh revival in the hearts of our men. Yesterday was a big day for our 143 fight club graduates and it ended last night with a graduation ceremony for our men.

I was overflowing with joy and my heart was ready to explode as men walked to the microphone with their families after getting banded and said proudly that they were fight club men. It was a night I will always remember. The auditorium was overflowing with people and joy. 

But two pictures really stuck out for me, the one above and the one below. The picture above shows me standing with all of the men. I love it because I know these men have my back. There is no greater reality for a leader then to know your team has your back. I felt very strong standing with these men. I felt like David in the Old Testament when he referred to his mighty men.
But this photo tops them all, because these are my sons. My son Josh, completed his second chapter of fight club last night. I love this photo because the most important men in my life are my sons and without a doubt they got my back and I have their backs too. I love the expression on my son, Isaiah's face in this photo, he told me that if he could have spoken last night he would have said, "my name is Isaiah Brown and I am a future fight club man!"

Praise God for fight club!

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