Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Red light fun

Today we all piled into our mini-bus and headed out to to celebrate another great year as a Staff Team with  Grace Community. We wanted to have some fun so we headed to Strikes and Spares in Mishawaka. We reserved time to Bowl and to race on the Slick Track Go-Kart together. 

As we were traveling along I leaned over to our driver Max and said lets make a run to Krispie Kreme. As we got closer I noticed the red light was on. That is a huge bonus when 22 people exit a bus and head inside.  We received free donuts right off of the line. I was surprised by how many in our group had no idea that donuts are free when the red light is on.

I guess they need to get out more, or maybe I am just used to looking for bargains...
From there we headed to our destination of Strikes and Spares. I had commented that it wouldn't surprise me if we got tossed out of the Go-Karts. I mean we are a pretty competitive bunch, you know. Well, they let us out on the track in groups of eight. It was a hoot as we listened to the prepared audio blasting from the speakers. It went something like this... don't, don't, don't, and don't... You get the point we were told all the things we weren't supposed to do, like bump the person in front of you. And if you did get rough then you would get the red-light and get tossed.

Something happens to a human when you are strapped in an electric Kart with a gas pedal. Well, the first turn I bumped someone into the wall and was feeling pretty good about my Jeff Gordon driving skills. After two laps of banging and bumping I heard this giggle coming from behind me hollering out my name and saying I am going to get you. Before I knew it I was t-boned and passed by this cute blonde by the name of Anne Brown. She laid me out and I couldn't move my wrecked car. Hey, what happened to the rules and the red light that should have come out. 

It was a great day, well spent with great people, a free hot donut, a couple games of bowling, and a bump and run by my wife on me. That was fun, red-light fun. Everyone needs to run a red-light once in a while!

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