Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Even though we have never met

All across America, men are gathering in Fight Club groups. What begin as a dream has now become a reality as men are going deeper in their journeys with Jesus. I haven't really taken the time to pull away and think about how this has become a real life-changing discipleship tool for men. But today it hit like a ton of bricks as I looked at photos from men that had graduated at a Church in Wooster Ohio. I don't even know these men but I feel a deep camaraderie  with them because they are fight club men.

I love this photo as I see the men that have finished the course because I know what they did to make that happen. I would fight for these dear brothers of mine even though most of these men I have never met. 

So as I take a few minutes and soak this in, I feel a deep satisfaction because I know families, communities, and the world will be impacted by this new group of men. I am humbly thrilled at the way God is using this tool that was born out of the small town of Goshen, Indiana. Fight on, Fight Club Brothers!

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djzman said...

God is working and His plan is taking shape. Be a light in a dark world. Fight hard, fight strong, and fight relentlessly! The enemy is. We are strongest when we are united! "As iron sharpens iron, so does one man sharpen another." To God all the glory!