Tuesday, January 15, 2013

what a waste

I often wonder what inventors think when they watch others use their products. Seriously, do they cringe when the product is used way below its potential. Do they secretly wish they could stop a person from using something and say "you are not utilizing its full potential"

For instance, do you ever think Steve Jobs walked by someone using one of his apple products and want to stop and say "NO" let me show you what that puppy can really do? Did he look at the owner and whisper under his breath,  "What a waste."

I love old muscle cars and enjoy going to car shows or museums to drool over them. But, I often leave the shows so very disappointed because they never even drive the cars. They just trailer them there, clean them off and show off what is under the hood without ever driving them the way they were built to run. And the horsepower is wasted!

I often want to jump in and fire them up and burn some rubber and peg the tachometer and drive the car the way it was supposed to be driven.

Yet, isn't that what happens to many Christ-followers? Consider the perfect Creator God as he watches his inventions, his creations live way below their redemptive potential. Imagine how he must weep when we do not live up to what we were built to live. Imagine him saying, "I built you for so much more!"

My hope is that we never get to a point where God himself utters these words "what a waste of talent!" 

God has fearfully and wonderfully made you. Are you running the way you were built to run or have you become a show piece in some museum that gets trailered queen around talking about the good ole days? Don't waste the horsepower under the hood. Make your Creator Proud by living up to your full potential.

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