Friday, January 25, 2013

For men only

I am a man. I like being a man. I would not want to be anything but a man. I am grateful that God created me to be a man. I enjoy the things men enjoy. 

I like to build fires, big fires.
I like to blow things up.
I like movies where men are heroes.
I like rescuing my wife and kids
I like driving ATV
I like my Harley
I like to hunt and shoot guns
I like grilling outside
I like hunting bears
I like sports and playing sports
I like building things 
I like wrestling with my boys
I like holding my wife's hand and treating her softly and tenderly
I like protecting my wife and daughter
I like tools in my garage and getting my fingers greasy
I like back packing into the wilderness
I like tough mudder
I like to lead
I like a good challenge
I like running in blizzards
I like having the ball in my hands to shoot the winning shot
I like reading my Bible
I like frank straight talk with men
I like calling out the best in other men
I like fast cars
I like being called Dad
I like being called a Husband
I like a good healthy confrontation
I like to run
I like when the odds are stacked against me
I like Alaska
I like rescuing orphans
I like lacing up my sneaks and reliving the glory days on the hoops court with my boys
I  like new gadgets
I like taxidermy
I like watching Espn three straight times
I like remote controls
I like blue jeans
I like 5 pairs of boots
I like 4WD
I like junk talk
I like winning
I like so much more...
Ok, you get the point, and with all that said. I love Jesus Christ. I love my wife. I love my kids. I love my family. I would fight to hell and back for them. I am not ashamed to be a Christ-follower. I long to see every person on planet earth come to a saving knowledge of Jesus.

And I love being a pastor. I love the hard times and good times. I think the church can be the hope of the world. I long to see the local church, alive, thriving and kicking Satan's BUTT!

I love developing godly male leaders that lead well and live up to their redemptive potential. So to assist that, we are hosting our first Conference for men in ministry. This Conference will not be your typical how-to conference but will be the heart-of a man. If you are a man in ministry or know a man in ministry send him an invite.

This conference will be a straight talk to men and will encourage them in ways they might not have ever been encouraged before. Go to for more info and to sign up. 

From one man to another man, it will be worth your trip. I can guarantee you that! 
Grateful to be a man!


Kimberly Leasure said...

I liked reading about what you like~~

marlin said...

I'm a man. I have certain qualities that when NOT in God's hands and under his control are not good... I know this well and my wife of 29 years will tell you.

I also know that those "same qualities", when under Gods control are off the chart awesome in His Kingdom.

What is the difference?

Not my will power.
Not my desires.
Not my intentions.
Not my direction.

What changed was as I sought God daily in worship, praise, reading the scripture, prayer and then reached out to anyone in my path all day long.

Through that "doing" God totally remade me from the inside out.

Now what i "do" is led my my new spirit that was formed by him from withi.n.

We do not change the inside, God does and we cannot force change on the outside or what is inside WILL come out.

This may be boring but...if you seek first the kingdom, Christ and his righteousness (right acts) and if you keep your mind on him, eyes on him... the he WILL empower you from on high.

What is born of him (He is spirit) will last and what is born of flesh will not.

Those who are led by the spirit are the children of God.

Seek Him with all your strength... and go out.