Monday, January 28, 2013

If God puts oxygen to these watch out world

These are the goals/dreams for 2013 that I read yesterday. If GOD adds oxygen to these watch our world!

Goals for 2013
  • Assist 500 people into a life-altering relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Dunk 250 people in baptism as they go public with Jesus
  • Become a catalyst and resource center to train ministry leaders across America through our Guts Conference
  • Enhance our open gym, workout and track times in fresh ways to show people that Jesus loves them
  • Boost the Fight Club discipleship tool and watch it begin a revolution for men across America through regional gatherings and 100’s of local church charters
  • Develop a fresh strategy to reach 1000’s more people for Jesus with our weekend gatherings
  • Send out 10 short-term missions teams into dynamic life-changing environments
  • Add the best, brightest, godliest, and newest team member to our pastoral staff
  • Develop 500 fully-trained fight club graduates
  • Blow away and exceed our weekly needed offerings of 32K
  • Write the final check to pay off the building.
  • Train our children, youth and adults to honor their mothers and fathers
  • Pump up and encourage Singles to go all-in for Jesus
  • Create opportunities where marriages can flourish and reach new levels that they never dreamed of
  • Explore new ways to reach the overlooked and underprivileged in our community so that they find new identity in Jesus and develop ways to get back on their feet
  • Watch God do 5 unplanned, unexplainable miracles in our midst this year
  • Use the social media in a fresh way that causes Grace to trend with the good news of Jesus Christ
  • Become the place where miraculous answers to prayer becomes normal operating procedur 
  • Station ourselves in such a way that we become the mooring point of truth, grace, and hope for the World
  • Utilize technology in a fresh, new and dynamic way to make our sermons available to anyone owning a tech gadget
  •  Locate, secure and put together a new satellite campus
  • Elevate, prop up, build, and assist our Women Ministries so that they can develop dynamic, fully-devoted, world-changing women for Jesus
  • Become the first church on planet earth that has 100% volunteer participation
  • Become the first church on planet earth that witnesses every attendee giving 10% of their earnings in offerings
  • Stave off the summer slump with ministry possibilities that people can’t stay away from
  • Develop a larger impact of hope with the incarcerated and transitional people of our community
  • Send/Commission 5 new couples/people for full-time ministry
  • Send the blue crew onto the streets of our county in a fresh, new and exciting way with powerful, love-touching blitzes
  • Create an excitement and hunger for the things of God
  • Assist, prod, challenge and encourage every attendee of Grace to bring Jesus to the lost regularly in a bold and urgent way
  • Creatively renovate building to facilitate the growing staff
  • Strip ourselves of old habits and traditions that squash forward movements in our lives
  • Beg God for a piece of land located nearby, so that thousands could find hope, refreshment, camaraderie, and life in Jesus!
  • Find new ways to pour into our rescued kids in Thailand and Cambodia so that they can become the world changers in their countries for Jesus
  • Upgrade the ways and methods we love on the attendees of Grace so that they feel better connected
  • Watch Prayer Encounter on Wednesday Nights reach new levels with faith-believing attendees
  • Mobilize and send out 200 individuals on short term missions trips and see that each attendee is stationed to join these teams if God calls them to do so, by being passport owners
  • Create an atmosphere of worship that pushes back darkness and advances Gracies closer to Jesus, so that Jesus gets elevated to a whole-nutha level
  • Become a Holy Bride, where sin is confessed regularly, accountability is real, sinful habits are broken, freedom surges, the past is gone and people live to their redemptive potential
  • Build and develop a hunger for God’s Word, His will, His way, at any cost!
  • Put Grace Community on the map in 3 miraculous ways in the mainstream media so that Jesus gets elevated and thousands are saved
  • Become the physically fittest group of Christians to ever walk on planet earth
  • Squash the spirit of “I can’t”, and replace it with “I can- NOW!”
  • Become even more fluid as a ministry so that we can move in a moment’s notice when God calls us to
  • Gain a greater, more significant, and deeper impact with College students within driving distance of Grace
  • Lead the way in creativity in everything that we do so that Jesus gets lifted up!
  • Develop a mantra that will prod us to fight to hell and back for the lost people in our world
  • Help people to truly get free of addictions, bondages, pasts, and find freedom to soar in Jesus Christ.
  • Make fun, laughter, celebration, surprise, freedom, creativity, the unknown, joy, winner’s mentality, gratefulness, generosity and faithfulness become core ingredients of our DNA
  • Set aside pride and the need to be right and charge forward as one unified team, armed with the armor of God, fueled by the Holy Spirit, so that the gates of hell are pushed back and the Kingdom of God is advanced and souls are saved!

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