Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Truly a GOD-thing

We just began a brand new series that is presenting our Theme for the year at Grace Community Church. The theme is "Now." Anyhow we talked about grace this past Sunday and what that means to us and how we can live it out in community.

It was a pretty special day too, because we introduced and read our goals/dreams for the year. Our goals are laced with some pretty audacious dreams. 

Anyhow God was at work in a powerful way during the service. The girl pictured above on the right side was a guest on Sunday. While the message was unfolding God was moving in her heart to the point that buckets of tears were falling as God was drawing her to himself. She shared that she doesn't often cry or show that kind of emotion. She realized how much God loves her and what grace truly is.

After the second service she came up to the front of the stage wanting to tell me something. However Pastor Jeremiah was able to chat with her and she began to tell him that she had given her life to Jesus during the service after realizing the full understanding of Grace. The lady with her is a friend that invited her and was obviously rejoicing with her.

So this photo is literally minutes after she crossed from death to life. And while she was rejoicing, the angels were having a celestial party in her name too. This is as good as it gets in my mind. Welcome Katie to the family of God. Sometimes God doesn't need an altar call he just meets  us in our seats with the truths of his WORD!

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The Mama said...

"just meets us in our seats" love that!