Thursday, February 7, 2013

C'mon this is cute

While running through some photos from Sunday this one stuck out to me. This little guy found himself under the table with his cheerios while another little girl's feet are dangling above.

Look at this little guy's face, vest, and precious cheeks. 

All that to say this, I love children and all the little kiddos that fill up our rooms on Sunday. One day this little guy and the little girl above will have a better chance to know Jesus and face the struggles of our world because a mom or dad felt it important enough to bring their children to Jesus.

As I continue to age and push towards my exit date on earth I find great comfort knowing that I will see  my own kids again, because I know where they are headed after they pass on.

There is no greater gift then to know that my children trust Jesus and will always have him by their side long after I pass. I am grateful for Grace Community Church too, because this is the place where my own kids heard the stories of our amazing Savior. Every parent wants to see their kids again.

Grace is blessed to be led by some amazing staff members who pour in the children and youth, Pastor Jon, Pastor Rich, and Cindy Hawkins. And we are blessed with over 400 volunteers who serve in our children and youth ministries.

By the way I just prayed for this little guy and little girl, that they would come to know Jesus at an early age and for that matter I prayed for all the kids that call Grace Community their church home. Great job parents for bringing your kids here and seeing the importance of teaching them about Jesus.

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