Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Jealousy kills

There will always be someone who can do it better than you. There will always be someone who does it different than you. There will always be someone who gets more recognition than you. There will always be someone who is gifted different than you.

While we all know that to be true, many of us don't handle that very well. When we don't feel good about ourselves we want to make sure others don't feel good about themselves either. Because we are just flat out jealous.

I know what jealousy can do to marriages, relationships, and businesses. Jealousy indicates a real level of insecurity in a person. 

Jealousy causes us to lust after someone else's achievements, accomplishments, and stature in life. It surfaces the ugly part of our DNA, the one that just cannot celebrate another person's accomplishments. 

So in order to feel better about our own insecurities we work extra hard at tearing down that individual, church, business, or leader that just seems to be in a season of unique new-found accomplishments for God.

And we do this by throwing dirt! Yet what we often forget is that when we throw dirt we lose ground. In fact, the very dirt we throw comes from the ground we are standing on and little by little, we dig our own grave. Our very foundation we once built on is now a six foot hole of death.

Besides, as I articulated recently in a message, I don't have time to study, watch, and dig into someone else's  life, ministry, business. Because it takes all the energy I possess  to just stay on level ground with my own life.

When you finally comes to grips with your identity in Jesus, and you know who you are, it is impossible to let insecurity rule your life. The last time I checked jealous people aren't making any headway for the kingdom of God they were digging out of a big hole of jealousy.

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