Thursday, February 28, 2013

The pure simple things in life are best

So, last night after a full day of life, work, ministry, and stuff, my son and I played in the snow. We built the leg pictured above. We grabbed our gloves, shovels, flashlights, and headlights from my jeep and created this piece of snow-art.

We laughed, we talked, we created, and we enjoyed each other. As I age outwardly, I never want to age inwardly or to grow so old that I can't take time to enjoy some fun in the snow.

I never want to be the dad, that sits inside while the kids watch tv or play a computer game thinking that we are having quality time together. 

This morning as I was backing out of the driveway I grinned, because this will be a pure simple memory that Isaiah and I will have one day down the road, when he brings his kids by. And we will laugh, and reminisce on the time we built a 30 foot leg in the yard (by then it will be 30 feet, everything gets bigger with time). And together we will say remember the time when we had a leg-up on everyone else's snowmen.

Go shake some dust off your boots, bundle up your kids, Dad, and create some pure simple memories. I guarantee it will resurface 30 years down the road, but the video game will not!

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