Friday, March 1, 2013

We just went to a whole nutha-level

God is up to something big again. Let me explain...

Fight Club is a discipleship tool that we have developed here at Grace Community. I have always believed if you get the man, you get the family, you get the community, and you get the world. 

This past August we released the tool for other churches to purchase. As I sit here, two more just went out the door and over 40 kits are across America and into other countries. But, God wants to do more.

We just had our first GUTS Conference and many men joined us to be challenged to step out fearlessly in their ministries. One pastor who attended, has been toiling with taking Fight Club to his Hispanic Church for a few months, and after hearing more about it at the Conference he is doing just that.

Now here is the really exciting news, he is translating it into Spanish and will take our English Handbook and translate it with  Spanish words and the make the cultural translation. We will now have Fight Club Spanish Edition that can be used for men in other countries and local churches.

Better yet, Brian Baughman pictured above, is doing it for free. He wants to do it for his Church Fuente De Vida Grace in Elkhart, Indiana. 

Now we can offer the tool to any Spanish speaking group in the world! That is a whole-Nutha Level! 

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