Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Longevity is a word that isn't valued in our world today. People bail out of marriages, jobs, commitments, and deals to run to something better, bigger, and more. 

Longevity is disappearing in the ministry world too. I firmly believe that Longevity lets you witness the full effects of discipleship in one's life.

I have had the privilege of serving 17 years at Grace Community. This is the only church that I have served in since I graduated from Grace Seminary. By God's grace I have had the privilege of leading Grace Community into places I used to dream about.

Longevity allow you to 

* See vision become reality
* Witness the full effects of 17 years of leadership training of men and the fruition of 100's of men living  to their redemptive potential
* Develop trust of your people after 17 years of sticking it out in all seasons
* Build lasting friendships and brotherhood and sisterhood with your worshippers
* Watch the miraculous intervention of God in rebellious children and broken marriages
* Taste the joy of seeing 1000's come to Jesus and then growing and leading others to Jesus
* Watch the development of leaders all around the world and see the global impact a group of people can have on the world.
* Be impacted by all the prayers of the saints of the past on your ministry
* Build life-long relationships with staff members
* Impact the local schools with relationships through your children.
* Gain a voice of experience 
* Take chances on new things and fail often without getting voted out
* Grow old with people 
* Guide your church through all kinds of new seasons of growth and size barriers.
* Share the joys and hardships with generations.

And lastly lets you build a huge memory bank of memorials that build your faith and remind you that God can do way more then you could ever ask or imagine.

Grace Community is becoming the church I always dreamed it would become. I thank the LORD today for all the people who have served so sacrificially along the way to make it happen!

To GOD be the Glory!

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Kevin Noble said...

It also lets you have a whole lotta Fun!!! Appreciate you Jim!!