Friday, March 22, 2013

Just a God-thing

Okay, if you follow me at all, you know that Fight Club is a big passion of mine. It is a men's ministry tool that was created here at Grace Community and is now all over America and parts of our world.

We are presently in our 4th Chapter here at Grace Community, with over 300 men. Each week we give a variety of assignments that cover 4 areas of our lives. Intellectual, Physical, Spiritual and Relational. 

This week I gave an assignment in the relational area to build a boat with your family or another FC man out of wood, and to attach a letter of thanksgiving to God on it. Many of our men attached the Gospel account to it. We had launchings all week long.

Well, one of the vessels was found by a man who was on a river and the message on the boat spoke deeply to him. He spoke about it on his Facebook page. Well, another FC man who is a friend of this dude, read the post in his news feed and realized that it must have been one of our FC men who launched it.

He put the pieces together and posted this morning that someone in fight club with a name of Josh had launched a boat that was found and wanted him to know it. The Josh, is my son and he is trying to connect with the man who found it to see how it spoke to him.

In a world of high tech communication, sometimes God likes to carry a message through a boat floating down a stream built by a Fight Club Man. Well if God can speak through a donkey he certainly can speak through a boat. 

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Sara1025 said...

There are no coincidences with God.