Thursday, April 18, 2013

If you cut my heart open

Sometimes people can mis-read what makes people come alive. We often make assumptions that are incorrect. It happens everyday in our world. I often get characterized in ways that are based upon poor assumptions or even get thrown into the category of Mega-Church Pastors. 

I always like to remind people that an assumption is the lowest form of knowledge. Yet in some circles it becomes reality. 

In any case, I love the Sunday Morning Large Church Worship experience here at Grace when thousands gather. I love preaching and when the message connects the dots for attendees. I love the power that takes place in corporate worship, it is stirring. But my favorite time of of the week is Wednesday Night Prayer Encounter.

I love when my church prays. I love the intimacy that is demonstrated through prayer. I also know that any great move of God is preceded by and through prayer. I have first hand knowledge of the effects of a praying church. I firmly believe that prayer is the engine that drives a local church. 

I have been  mentored by men of prayer, like Roger Peugh, Jack Hills and others. My dream is that one day our Wednesday Night one-hour prayer time matches our Sunday Morning attendance.That is not too much to ask, is it?

As you can tell, these two books are worn and old. I have read them too many times to count. But they are full of rich truths about Soul-winning and Prayer. 

Any church that prays will see an unusual move of God because God takes the lead.

In a church-world where schedules are busy with lots of great programs and activities filling the calendar, it is very easy to squeeze out Corporate Prayer. 

All that to say this, when a church prays it connects them to the God of the universe who can do immeasurably more than we could ever imagine on our own. I love to pray, and I love to pray with people who love to pray. Prayer moves mountains and moves my heart! Come and join us and watch God move with us! I wish every day was Wednesday Night. So if you cut my heart open it would reveal a man that loves to pray!

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