Wednesday, April 17, 2013

It takes backbone

One of the primary leadership qualities a leader needs is backbone. A deep compelling conviction that what he is doing is right! It is that inner quality that is able to handle great criticism and opposition and hold fast to the mission at hand.

A strong backbone is the key to wavering uncertainty and doubt among the people you are leading. When you see it surface in an individual it is undeniable. I have witnessed many leaders in my day with strong backbones.

But love is a great leadership quality too. Loving those that you lead so much that you would be willing to take a bullet for them. When genuine love is observed in a leader, people are more apt to follow him. In a world loaded with books on leadership; qualities like genuine care, concern, and love is often overlooked. 

A Leader that loves his people, with a strong backbone is a great combination and can take his people to a whole new level. Jesus was the perfect Example! 

So last night, as I was taking a walk in the woods, I came across this backbone of a deer. It struck me as I held it in my hand and pulled the pieces apart, that even a strong backbone can be trumped. In this case, by a hunter with a gun.

All that to say this, you might be a world class leader and building an empire on Planet Earth, but you are not invincible! Make sure you lead, with a strong backbone, wrapped in love. Because one day they might find you flat on your back with a bullet wound asking for help. 

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marlin said...

Ezekiel 2 & 3, God called, sent, and Ezekiel’s backbone was the spirit that lifted him up, gave him words and made his forehead harder than flint.

David did not conquer with a sling and stone, even though they were his "talents", he came at Goliath in the name of the Lord God Almighty.

When the disciples looked for someone to take over the duties of passing out food, they did not look for one with a background in food distribution but one "full of the spirit".

If we seek God by touching him “with our spirit” (for God is spirit) then he causes our dry bones come alive, he calls us and emboldens us from on high just like the disciples.

The work of the spirit is tangible if... we go there.

Backbone IS everything and it comes by way of a daily relationship of spirit, our spirit touching Gods spirit.

Not intellectual but spirit so if we ask him for bread, will he give us a snaked?

The closer you get to this God of spirit, the more he comes out of you and... God IS love.