Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Saving the life of a pastor

It is a value here at Grace Community to make sure our pastoral staff remains fresh and revived. If you have  ever walked into the ministry hallways of Grace Community and served on our team, you quickly realized that the pace is brisk. In fact, I heard another staff member say that very thing this week. God has given us an incredible opportunity to reach 1000's of people and we do not take that task lightly.

It can seem overwhelming at times and even try to suck the life out of you. We have our hands full and lean on Jesus all the time for staying power. There is great reward that comes from serving a church of this size, but it is not for the weak. I sometimes chuckle when people from a distance selfishly wish they could serve in a church like ours. 

With that being said, our elders want us to be here for the long ride of ministry and have blessed us with a sabbatical. I love the team that God has assembled here at Grace and long to serve with them for a very long time. So when one of our staff members is heading off on a 8 week sabbatical I whole-heartedly support it. 

Enjoy your time away Jeremiah, you and your family deserve it! Plus we will have some fun with your office while you are away!

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