Monday, June 10, 2013

What I learned from Rescued Orphans

The photo above was captured by one of my teammates on a boat ride with our Thailand Children. As we approached our docking point on the beach I stood up and one of the Thailand boys stood with me and grabbed my hand just like my own sons  did when they were little. I held on tightly to his hand to let him know that I wouldn't let go.

Even though we didn't speak the same language, we both knew what was meant by holding his hand. I loved him and he was safe in my arms. Doesn't every person long for those two things? With that being true this is what I have learned after my visit with the children in Cambodia and Thailand.

* You can carry on with less then you realize
* A smile is a powerful connection to the soul
* Promises should mean just that
* Relationships are far more valuable then things
* Keep it simple
* A touch is priceless
* A 4 dollar outfit is enough
* A meal together as a family bonds one deeply
* James was spot on when he wrote James 1:27
* Boys are boys everywhere
* We have way too much stuff
* It does the soul good to see redemption us close
* House parents for Orphans are the real world changers for Jesus
* It is possible to live on rice and chicken
* Bottled water is worth its weight in gold
* Chopsticks keep a person from overeating
* Belonging is powerful
* 8 passenger vans can seat 26 kids
* The bed of truck was made for passengers to ride in
* Goodbyes are gut-wrenching
* We spend too much time planning for the future and not savoring and celebrating the present
* True happiness can be found in Jesus alone
* God's Word and his promises brings deep contentment
* Generosity is the by-product of appreciation
* Pigs can be transported on Moto bikes 
* Ingenuity is a by-product of having less
* Prayer is the lifeline
* It is possible to live without complaining
* Worship is an expression of a deep understanding of what Jesus has done
* I love you never gets old
* Your stuff is safe no matter where you set it down
* Its not about you
* OSHA hasn't made it to SE Asia and its a good thing
* A family picture is a valuable commodity 
* Flying ants are edible once the wings are removed
* Jesus saves!

To sum it all up...It is far better to give then to receive and time with rescued orphans brings balance back to your life.

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