Thursday, June 27, 2013

The power in a visual

We are prone to forget things quickly. I have heard stats that say  people will forget 95 percent of what you said on a Sunday morning by the time Monday rolls around. If that is the case then maybe we need to do a better job of making messages sticky.

Then add to that equation, that an average Christian has 5-10 paper pastors that they listen to each week. A paper pastor is someone that they only know from their books or podcasts and doesn't preach at the church they attend. By the way paper pastors are becoming the "Pastors" for many people. 

In any case, every week the average pastor has to develop a message that is true to the text, illustrative, dynamic, and so much more. And deliver it in such a way that it is memorable enough to be digested throughout the week. I have said on many occasions that it is like writing a term paper every weekend that is graded, critiqued, compared to paper pastors, and is only good for one week. Then we have to do it again the following week.

Every preaching pastor feels the burden each week to deliver a dynamic life-changing message while doing all the duties of a pastor during the week. All that to say this, it is a daunting task to deliver a message each week. 

I long to see my people remember the message for more then a few hours. I believe that the Holy Spirit can do something supernatural in that 45 minute time frame in an individual that can possibly change the course of their life forever. 

I labor hard on illustrating my messages in a variety of ways, hoping that the visual assists the learning process and helps the recall trigger mechanism in their minds. Maybe it is because I am a visual learner and it helps me to remember.

People have asked me on occasion, where do I get my illustrations. They generally are birthed out of moments during the week where I sit and beg God for help. I also pray regularly for creativity, because I long to give my very best as I communicate the life-changing Word of God. 

I wonder if anyone from this past week remembers why I used the scope above and what point I was driving home and how it applied to the text I was using?


Sara1025 said...

Okay, now I feel conviction for listening to a paper pastor!! I'll be there Sunday. Please talk long enough about your visual that I can get it written down, so I can remember it at least til Wednesday. Not that I'm negatively confessing or anything, but I AM 67. By the way, I like the thought of any pastor begging for inspiration... that gives me a whole lot of hope, and it IS working, Jim.

Kevin Noble said...

I remember Jim. Thanks for your illustrations and where the inspiration comes from. You give the pulpit your best because you give Jesus your best; since I've known you, you always have and you always will. I want to let you know I appreciate you as a paster, as a leader and as a friend.