Tuesday, July 2, 2013

That pounding in your heart

One night last week while I was sleeping I woke with a sense of urgency. A unusual awareness to amp up my personal evangelism. I felt a deep conviction for the ways some of my personal boldness had waned recently. I spent the early hours of the morning talking to God. It was like he was saying, Jim, I am coming back soon.

I was prepping for a message that week that looked at the life of Lot's Wife. Little did I know that God wanted it to go in the direction it ended up in. I was preaching from the Genesis account on Lot's wife, but also looked at the New Testament's discussion about her too. In Luke 17, Jesus tells his disciples to "Remember Lot's Wife.' Well, the point was made very clear as I began to unpack the OT story. She had a chance to find salvation but she looked back and turned into a pillar of salt. 

 As we closed our services we implored people to "Remember Lot's Wife" and not be left behind. Pastor Jeremy led us in a moment of worship to reflect on that very true reality. 

God moved in people's hearts and those words of warning that Jesus gave 2000 years ago caused many to draw near to him in salvation.

 As the service was closing in each of our three services, we asked Christ followers who were standing and singing to come alongside these new believers and pray with and comfort them. It was a beautiful moment to watch the Spirit work in people's lives as they came and ministered to those trusting in Jesus.

As we sang the closing hymn, Jesus was glorified and lives were changed forever.

As I was standing on the stage after the 3rd service a young lady came up and said that her heart was pounding out of her chest so loudly that she turned to her father and asked him if he could hear her pulse beat. 

So, I remind us again today, "Remember Lot's Wife" Don't look back and cling to the worthless things of planet earth. Each time you spread a little salt on something may it remind you that nothing, absolutely nothing is more valuable than Jesus!


Jordan said...

After reading this my heart has been changed. I've grown up in a church and even go to a Christian college but I've never truly believed I was saved. I never believed God could take away all my sins. I wasn't good enough. Almost two weeks ago I heard Tony Nolan speak and my eyes were open but something in me still held back. I couldn't stop thinking about it and I had multiple dreams about coming to God and talking to people about my sins and my lack of salvation. I felt like I was living in paralizing fear because I didn't want the world to end and to be left behind but yet I wouldn't stop being stubborn and I wouldn't give in to God and just let go. After reading this post my heart just stopped when you wrote about feeling that God was calling you to amp up your evangelism. I gave my life to God and I believe with all my heart that He is my savior. Please pray for me to continue my walk with God.

Jim Brown said...

Hey Jordan,God sure does love you! I just prayed for you!

Shannon Rose said...

This message brought tears to my eyes!! Thank you for following the Spirit's leading.

U4 said...
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Bob Brown said...

Praying for you Jordon.
Let creation itself testify to his great name. LOOK at what he has done for us! Just imagine what is to come!!! This world is NOT what we live for! He is coming soon and we will know him and he will know us by our love and faith in him.

Don't stop Jim. Speak the BOLD truth. Say it like it is.
Satan can't shut you up and your not one to sit in silence about it. Let there be God speak!