Friday, August 16, 2013

look what redemption does

Five years ago Grace Community Church rescued orphaned kids from Cambodia and Thailand. Our children are growing in the Lord and are alive and well.

Pictured above is our first child who is going to the university in Battambang. In order for Pheaktri Oeun to get there, she needed a moto. Well, just recently we were able to purchase a new bike for her. As you can tell she is thrilled and so are her brothers and sisters. And for that matter so I am I.

Imagine the impact she will have on her country as she completes school and gets her degree.

 Pheaktri is expressing her thanks in Cambodian style..

Also, Our Thailand home recently added three new children. We were able to meet them on our trip in June. As you can tell, the joy of the LORD is permeating in their smiles...

I love how redemption works. And I love being part of a church that rescues orphans with joy!

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