Thursday, October 17, 2013

Graveyard talk

Today I took a walk alone with God in a graveyard, just me and my iPhone Bible speaking to me from Ecclesiastics 1. As I walked, listened, and looked at tombstones I was deeply moved. 

Everywhere I looked people had dropped off trinkets on tombstones. There were teddy bears, matchbox cars, sport team flags, an ice-cream sandwich, and much more. 

I wondered what will be left behind at my grave? I wondered what will people say about me after I am gone? I wondered what I invested my time in? 

Graveyards give no second chances to the dead but they still speak to the living. So, I ask you today what will people pull out of their purses, bags, cars, and pockets to lay at your tombstone? 

The way we live our lives now will directly impact the ones who will come and visit us one day in the graveyard. What are you leaving behind? 

All men die, but few men really ever live!  

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Kevin Noble said...

So true Jim. I love the ending of the movie "The Last Samurai". In the end Katsumoto, the leader of the Samurai warriors dies in battle protecting what he believes in and his way of life. By his side fighting with him is U.S. Captain Nathan Algren. In front of the the young Japanese Emperor, the Emporor asks Captain Algren "Tell me how did Katsumoto die". The U.S. Captain said "No, I will not tell you how he died. I will tell you how he lived". I think that when my time has come in this life and I am dead and gone, I hope my family and friends will look back and say the same thing "Let me tell you how Kevin lived and what he stood for".