Wednesday, October 30, 2013

No, I don't celebrate Halloween

Lets begin with this statement: "My family doesn't celebrate Halloween and we do not carve pumpkins we blow them up!"

I'd like to think that would be the end of the discussion but I know it isn't. My intentions for writing this are simple.  So instead of trying to answer all the Facebook messages, emails, tweets, and conversations I encounter on this subject every year I will do so here.

This is a personal conviction that my wife and I share. I hope that you will see that this is written with that tone in mind. 

If you know me personally than you are fully aware that I know what it means to live on mission and strive to reach people at all costs. I have given my life towards trying to reach others with the good news of Jesus Christ by utilizing the things of culture to bridge a relationship to Jesus. So, I am not here to argue how this holiday can be elevated to do just that or not do that.

 I will elaborate briefly the impact this decision has had on our family.

* It has given our children a chance to share with their friends why they choose not to trick or treat and has become an obvious bridge for further conversations about their faith.
* My children have not been scarred by choosing not to participate, in fact they have managed to navigate through this holiday quite well. 
* Our light shines brightly through-out the year and doesn't somehow diminish because we have chosen not to participate. 
* It has allowed us to have meaningful, thought-provoking, challenging discussions with our children on the unseen Spirit-world.
* It has given me a chance to be a gate-keeper for our family while they are still at home.
* It has allowed our children to "say no" when many of their peers say yes.
* It has allowed us to find other ways to invest our time during this season for good.

Some of the reasons we do not celebrate:

*  We arrived at this conclusion after tons of hours reading, studying, praying and seeking God on the history, the purpose, the effects; and the mere fact there are a zillion others good things to celebrate than this holiday.
* Not wanting to be duped by the Enemy in form and fashion and really having zero desire in lifting up any form of darkness.
* Recognizing that the Enemy can be the master of counterfeit and already having enough battles to fight in this area, we have chosen not to climb the hill for this battle.
* We really do not feel like we have to join in.
* We can just buy the candy later, at Walmart, at a discount price.
* We don't have to fork out any more money for another event that our kids "need" to be part of.
* No matter how you slice it, there has always been a level of confusion on the whole subject. And we have concluded that Satan is the author of confusion.
* We could never come to a final conclusion that this was a wholesome Holiday to promote.
* We just felt like we were constantly dancing around all the reasons why we should celebrate it.

Final thoughts:

* I do not feel like we have missed out on anything by choosing not to participate. I actually feel like we have gained ground in our journey towards Jesus. I also realize that this is one of those things that each family must conclude on their own.

* I harbor no ill will towards anyone that chooses to celebrate this Holiday, but only ask before you do, take time to prayerfully and purposely seek God in reaching your final conclusion.

* And if you get a few Reese's Peanut Butter Cups send them our way...

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