Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Home should be a place of refuge and peace

My wife and I firmly believe that home should be a place you want to come home to. Each day as I leave my office at Grace I look forward to going home. 

As parents we have practiced the Deuteronomy 6:7  principle of raising our children. Basically teaching them as we go along the way. Connecting God to life in all situations. In doing this we have had 1000's of conversations with our children as we moved through their lives.

We also long that our home is a place where they always want to come home to. It has been great to have them around for Christmas College break. So, we also took time to do something that we enjoy, sled in the snow out back . We tried something new and pulled on snow boards. Lets just say we created some fun memories trying that one.

Hannah also hooked up with her little cousin and guided the sled around the yard.

 Josh and Isaiah were up for the challenge of being pulled behind the Jeep on snowboards..

We had tons of fun and lots of wipe outs but it gave us a chance to make home a fun place too.

We are not perfect parents, our kids will attest to that, but we sure do enjoy these kind of moments where time freezes :) and we make home a place you always want to go to.

Look for the ways to connect God to life with your kids it really does cement you together . 

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