Friday, December 6, 2013

Whew almost a ...

This morning as I was driving to the office at Grace Community I was pondering a thought. Well, actually I have been thinking on it all week. How many times has God answered my prayer of protection.

Let me back-track a second... One of the last things I do when I leave my home in the morning is to grab the hands of my wife and pray over our family. I always pray for God's favor, protection, and blessing over us and our kids. I then pray for a few other things and kiss my wife goodbye for the day.

But this week, I wondered how often I-we-us stop and consider how often God actually protects us? So my mind began to recall many of the times I have had close calls.I also began to recall the thousands of times I hopped in my Jeep, Harley or for that matter Jets, Jet-skis, ATV's, and other moving vehicles without a single incident. 

I began to ponder all the miles I have pounded on roadways, trails, mountains, sidewalks, jungles, streams, creeks, rivers, trees, oceans, beaches, and bridges. 

Then I began to recall all the foolish choices I have made along the way and walked away unscathed. Then it hit me again this morning as I was driving on the road above that I am quick to ask for protection yet I don't take enough time to thank God for protection. So today, I say thank you God for the unusual, miraculous, unbelievable, and many times you have protected me. I have taken them for granted far too often in my 51 years of life.

I marvel at all the close calls where an inch here, a second of time there could have been lights out for me and my family had it not been for the divine intervention of God. 

Thank you Jesus, for your faithful and consistent care of this often thank-less child. How great is my God! May I not go another mile without pausing and thanking you, God.

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