Monday, December 9, 2013

Are you killing yourself?

Sometimes forgiveness feels like we are letting our offender off the hook, when in reality we are the ones who become hook-free and able to soar again.

All of us have been wounded, wronged, and hurt by people in our lives. We live in a fallen and depraved world. But we can choose to let those things limit us from living to our redemptive potential. If we are not willing to forgive people those hooks go with us and slowly kill us. The wound remains open and remains infected.

You see, bitterness has a way of slowly killing us all the while we are hoping it is killing someone else.

We can even walk through life and try to pretend that we are doing fine, yet buried deep below the many facades we build are hooks that we have refused to let go of. When we choose not to forgive we open ourselves to the torture and torment of our souls. 

Forgiveness is for us. It sets us free and hands the offender over to God. Most people fail to realize that when we are wronged by someone else, it is also against God. And our God promises to get justice and vengeance. 

Potentially the greatest act  you could ever do for yourself is to forgive someone else. Because it leaves you hook-free!

Yesterday we gave people the opportunity to set themselves free by forgiving others! It is so good to be the merciful servant instead of the un-merciful servant! 

Go forgive someone today!


marlin said...
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marlin said...

Awesome lessons. Jesus was beaten mocked and was not offended and held no ill will. When we are offended it is like not forgiving. Not forgiving and Gods spirit do not exist together (guard your heart) for when the spirit of God is replaced by not forgiving... peace, joy and right acts leave and are replaced by anger, fear and frustration. Unforgivness, fear and anger are evil brothers and are fruit of a spirit but not Gods spirit.

Over long periods of time they even bring on sickness to the body.

As we let go of the offended spirit and forgive others, peace and joy return to us for if you forgive, you will be forgiven, as you allow healing to others, healing returns to you and when we do this in the church as a whole.... we invite unity which is the first step to a revival by God in our midst. Wow!

There are in grudges in heaven, so where do your grudges go? They go with you.

Don't know why you have lost joy and peace?

Show the same love and mercy that you have been shown by God, to ALL. Joy and peace and freedom follow.