Thursday, February 20, 2014

I know you're wondering

Yes, this past week was not a normal week at Grace Community, but is there such a thing? And I know the word is on the street that something big was happening at our church this past week. So, I will help you by answering a few questions you might have.

Let me start by saying this, my goal in this blog is not to bring more attention to Grace Community and that is not my desire whatsoever. I  just want to clear the air so that you can be informed more effectively.

So here we go... Yes, we had a film crew from Hollywood with us this past week. Yes, we will be on a major Network Channel sometime around June of this year. Yes, it will be about our church. Yes, We have known about it for about 5 months. Yes, there will be a recognizable artist in the production of the show. Yes, we are excited about it. Yes, yes, and more yeses!

Okay, why did we choose to be part of this... I was contacted about 5 months ago by Hollywood producers to be part of a show that involved the local church. After the screening process they chose us to be one of the churches. 

We said yes, because it would give us an amazing, almost unheard of opportunity, to broadcast Jesus to millions of viewers. It would provide us a chance to show that the local church can be the hope of the world. It would enable us to speak clearly biblical values about relationships to saved and unsaved in our world. It would present us a chance to help men and women see that it is possible for a church to be the place where people's lives can be changed eternally.

It also gave us a chance to help two amazing non-profit Christian Organizations with a substantial gift. In fact, the entire proceeds of the show will go to them and not one penny to Grace Community Church. It also gave us a chance to rub shoulders with Hollywood producers and to live out our faith in front of them and to share Jesus with them. At some point I will share the unbelievable things that Jesus did as a result of it.

What I know will happen as a result of this when it is broadcasted... we will have tons of critics that will form their opinions as to why this was not good to do. I know some will not agree with us. I know that once again  I will be put under attack. But, I have lived under the scrutiny of others my whole ministry and if I led Grace Community to please man then I would have failed miserably. I lead Grace to please Jesus and Jesus alone. I can handle the critics because I know who I am trying to follow.

With all that being said... One day we will be able to release some amazing photos. One day soon we will be able to tell you some "only God" kind of stories. One day this blog will make better sense to you. One day you will be able to witness potentially one of the greatest opportunities given to the world where Jesus gets broadcasted to millions!

In closing... I covet your prayers as the editing process begins with over 100 hours of film. I pray that Jesus is the star and many run to local churches all over America to find Jesus. Was it worth it for us to take the risk? Well, we thought yes because the local church can be the hope of the world when it is running well and keeping Jesus at the center.

More to come later... In closing I'd like to thank my church who heroically served and sacrificed their time to make this happen. And I am so glad to drop the microphone and  to be out of the camera's lens and to continue to take Jesus to the world without all the fanfare. 

But know this, I am looking forward to watching this 1 hour show sometime this summer!


The Mama said...
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The Mama said...

What an amazing week! And here's the thing, I know the staff and elders live a Christ centered life and consult God on everything and anything before making decisions regarding the church. And because of that, I am 100% sure that this is what God wanted Grace Community church to do. =) I loved hearing Jesus lifted up on such a public platform this week! All glory, honor and praise!

Kimberly Leasure said...

Jimmy, so excited for the whole process! ! Jesus will be exalted in a unique way!! Wish I could be there that Sunday!!! Love you my Brother~

Jennifer Chupp said...

You lead others to Christ because of the passion and love you have for Him yourself! You lead our church in such a sincere way, that it's impossible for anyone not to fall in love with Jesus as much as the rest of us have. God chose our church for a reason Pastor Jim, He chose us because we lead strongly in our faith to not only serve Him, but to bring those that are unsaved and saved alike to church to worship! With Jesus being the center focus of our church, we will continue to grow and share the good news of Christ!

Sprained Ankle said...

You and your church reflect Jesus well. Glad to work beside you.