Wednesday, March 5, 2014

I can never do what she does nor do I want to

Everything about this picture makes me smile and tear up at the same time! In fact, I snapped it off this week not truly knowing how it would move me so deeply.

Only a momma can do this and hold the home together. Fill the walls with laughter. Create a place of peace and refuge to come  home to. Feed everyone while never making it become a chore. Stay fit while always making sure her kids are picked up and driven all over eternity and back. Hold close her sick children through the night on little or no sleep and remain constant with hugs for all the others. Pray endlessly and fervently till the healing takes place. Wash clothes non-stop over and over again. Arise early and intercede for hundreds of others with an endless supply of faith. Play a game of hoops in the driveway with a mean J-shot from 12 feet. Craft, paint and decorate our home like a Home and Garden Show. Fill her husband's love tank with words that makes him believe he could scale Mt. Everest  and so much, much, much more and still have time to...

Let her 20 year daughter snuggle up to her while she is home on Spring Break from College so that her love tank can be filled too.

Endless love, just endless love of  this momma! You amaze me, Annie Brown!

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Melanie Farver said...

This is so Annie Brown she is such a wonderful soul I am so very thankful that she is my dear friend. Your family is such a blessing to mine!