Thursday, May 1, 2014

A few times in you life this happens

About 6 years ago my church, Grace Community made a bold commitment on a cold Sunday morning to rescue orphans in Thailand and Cambodia. They had no knowledge that I would be asking them to go global and give resources before they entered into those services that morning.

We knew very little as to what that really meant to us but we just couldn't sit there and do nothing. We said we would not only give that day but we would care for them until they were adults and on their own feet. 

Well my church has stood by that promise and has been faithful to the awesome privilege of giving week after week to help raise our kids.

What we didn't know was that we would be blessed way more then we really understood at that moment. Over the years we have had these kids and their leaders regularly pray for us and I am convinced that is why we are seeing God do a mighty work here in Goshen.

Even more then that is the fact that we have had a front row seat to these precious kid's lives, watching them trust in Jesus Christ and blossom into the children that God longed for them to be.

As in the picture above... these two precious Thailand girls just returned from Flying to Korea after being on a singing team. Look at their precious faces and imagine what would have happened to these gals had not they been rescued. Praise the Lord for redemption!

My heart is overflowing with tears of joy as I look at Pacharin and Ratana and think that they would have never been on a jet plane to anywhere before. I love what can happen when a church links arms and rescues orphans!

A big thank you to every Gracie that gives regularly to let our children reach their redemptive protential! Man, I love those smiles! 

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