Monday, April 14, 2014

what if

This weekend I was disturbed after watching an interview on TV of a person who was wearing a cross necklace. It deeply disturbed me because this person was not a follower of Jesus, yet they wore a cross necklace.

It breaks my heart to think that somehow the cross has been reduced to piece of jewelry that we hang around our necks because it looks good or it might bring us good luck.

It bothers me that most have no idea of the real meaning behind the cross.

It no longer reflects suffering, sacrifice, or death.

Words such as cool, sweet, and rad are used by those donning it around their necks.

I wonder when the shift was made from a Brutal Death by a Loving Savior to a Fashion Statement found on a piece of metal?

I wonder what Jesus thinks as he looks down on planet earth at all the glistening gold crosses dangling on the necks of people?

What if it meant this again?

What if the purchase of a cross necklace meant we were willing to go here too?

When did the shift begin?

I am disturbed that the sacrificial death of Jesus has been reduced to a piece of metal on a chain that is sold in a store and worn as a fashion statement by anyone!

I am sorry Jesus that we have allowed that to happen...

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marlin said...

It’s true that today “Jesus” is accepted by the saved and unsaved; where in Jesus day there was a price to pay for following him. That day may come to us again yet the best of both worlds is when in an easy day like we now live... Christians seek out the living God with all their strength, might and soul giving him the glory due his name in both praise and service. To do this in the midst of a complacent generation is noticeable by God and man but... who will do this?

I'm sad that those who accept Christ in their hearts, incorporate a just a little bit of Christ into their American way of life and are comfortable sitting in our churches week after week.

I'm sad when I hear how happy and joyful Christians will be falling to worship and praise God in the “great by and by”....but they will not receive the joy and peace that Christ died to bring them in any situation....... while on earth. (Isaiah 61- oil of joy instead of mourning, praise instead of despair)

I am sad when we feel we are off the hook when we give 10% and don’t realize God OWNS our 125 waking hours every week.

Christ conferred on us a Kingdom, not of talk but “power”, not here or there but "in us" that we could walk in peace and joy despite our circumstances and overcome on earth, not just when we get to heaven. We don’t even believe we have power over principalities and powers on earth yet there will be no principalities in heaven.

I am unconcerned of how the unsaved live, for they do not yet have life and breathe in them. I am concerned how the redeemed of our Lord live... that generally have no idea the power of the living God available to them on earth, for they have not yet fanned it into flame.

God is spirit, the Lord is spirit........ so how does man who is flesh touch a God of spirit?

Worship the Lord your God with all your strength, all your might and all your soul.... shout out and give him praise, the glory due his name and rejoice in him. Then go out. We are not born of absence of sin, sins removed is NECESSARY, that we be born of... “new spirit” for Gods spirit in us, fanned into flame, is “the power of God in you for great change... on earth... in any circumstances.
marlin oyer