Thursday, May 29, 2014

Tons of emotion running through me

Today we make the trek back to America. Trips like these always leave the heart bubbling over with emotions. 

I have once again witnessed what unconditional love looks like through the touches of some of the most precious kids in the world. I have tasted first hand unfiltered, unadulterated worship, coming from  children who fully understand what their lives would be like without Jesus.

I firmly believe  the reason Jesus said " let little children come" was because he himself was refreshed after spending  time with them. He had spent so much time with the critical and judgmental Pharisees that he needed to be with people who loved him unconditionally. Children receive you the same regardless if they agree with you or not, they don't hold grudges, they forgive quickly, they just want to enjoy the time they have with you. 

After spending time with the children in Cambodia and Thaniland I am humbled at the way they have received out team. They stand at the gate of their homes excited to see us and stand there waving goodbye as we depart. They hold your hands, smile, laugh, giggle, massage your backs, sing, play games, give you handwritten letters, feed you first, walk you to the table and make sure you sit first. They treat you like you are the most important person in the room. 

I wonder as Jesus spoke often in the New Testament about how we are to treat others if he was influenced by the children that held his hand, splashed in the sea of Galliee, played king of the hill on the shorelines, giggled till the sun set, massaged his back and stood at the city gates waving as he entered and departed. 

Maybe that is why Jesus always had time for children and stooped to greet them, toss them a ball across the street or gave them a camel ride across the desert. Maybe just maybe this sea of emotion that is flooding my soul is what Jesus felt often as a child sat in his lap. 

The trip across the pond has been good for my soul! This 52 year husband, father and pastor will be a better man because of it ! 

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