Tuesday, May 27, 2014

It never stops

Cambodia never seems to stop moving . It is one constant moving country. As I now sit in Thailand and I have a few minutes to reflect on our visit with our children, a few thoughts come to mind. 

There is little hope for many Cambodians because they don't know Jesus. The country is littered with shrine houses to worship a god that is made of cement. Yet day after day they believe that the constant fear they live in will be removed if they place some money, a coffee, a pineapple, some incense in front of a statue that can and will do nothing for them. And they are ultimately worshipping a god (Satan) that longs to kill steal and destroy them. Imagine to wake up one day on the other side of eternity and realize you were duped into believing a lie. But that is exactly what is happening.

Yet, I find myself hopeful because the light of Jesus can turn it around in a second for these precious people. They are some of the most gentle and kind people on planet earth. They have such a gentle respect for you as enter their space. My heart breaks when I see them spinning their wheels everyday trying to get on top only to start the next day at the same place.

But I am so grateful for all the points of light all over the country where faithful men and women are evangelizing with the hope in Jesus. A grin passes across my face when I think that hundreds of children are being raised in homes where Jesus is their hope through an amazing ministy called Asia's Hope. 

I wonder how differnt this street will look 20 years from now after our kids and 1000's of other Asia's Hope kids become the new business owners, nurses, teachers, lawyers, doctors, welders, and leaders of Cambodia. I have  a picture in my mind as I stand on this street that it will look a lot brighter then it does here 20 years from now. 

Hope changes everything, Asia's Hope is now in its infant stage but soon and very soon these little bundles of hope will infiltrate their country and bring real hope that offers life, abundant life, everlasting life where there will be no need for shrine houses. That is what I am praying for! 

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