Friday, May 23, 2014

You always get more than you thought

About 7 years ago on a cold winter morning Grace Community Church began a new journey with some of the most precious children they had never met. Let me explain...

We made a lifelong commitment to rescue orphans in Cambodia and Thailand. We really had no idea what it really would mean to us but we just couldn't sit there and do nothing about it. So we put James  1:27 in action and said yes! 

Little did we know how this investment would impact our lives in such an unbelievable way. I will indulge a little here. 

* we now understand adoption in a fresh way! 
* we now know what it is like to love on the underprivileged in our world!
* we now know how the prayers of rescued orphans can radically change your life
* we are now connected as a church to a common mission that bonds us deeply together 
* we are now able to be the hands and feet of Jesus and help to raise the next leaders for Jesus in our world
* we now are able to catch of glimpse of what redemption can look like up close when someone is given the true hope of Jesus

* And we now feel a similar heartbeat with our Savior Jesus Christ.

The best part for me is always watching the first time each team member receives a hug, embrace, or smile from a child who genuinely understands how their life would be without being rescued. I personally never tire of leading these teams because I am always revived, refreshed, and reinvigorated by spending time with them. 

So as I look at our team above I chuckle because they will never be the same again after this trip and they will once again taste and see what they did when they first were rescued by Jesus at salvation.

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