Friday, June 13, 2014

My Pastor Review of "It Takes a Church"

Yes I am Pastor Jim Brown of Grace Community Church in Goshen Indiana. Yes our church was featured last night on Game Show Network's new reality show called "It Takes a Church." I have watched most of the feeds on social media and read review after review, which everyone is freely entitled to. So, I thought I would give my insider perspective of the whole process.

I believe with all of my heart that the local church can be the hope of the world. I love the local church and have been the Senior Pastor at for 19 years. I love Jesus Christ and have witnessed 1000's of people trust in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior through our ministries here. I consider it a special privilege to be the pastor of these precious people who call Grace their home. Our church lives on mission and offers the hope of Jesus to thousands locally and around the world. With that being said I cannot think of a better place for a single to find someone to date, than the local church. We preach the truth when it comes to chasing after someone. Our church is loaded with Jesus followers. In my mind, this is a safe place to meet someone. Plus the Bible has plenty to say about dating and marriage.

I love that this show gives people everywhere; whether they are far from God, want nothing to do with God, or love God an inside look at the local church and real Jesus-followers. This show allowed us to have a platform to elevate Jesus and show the world that Christians are real people who date; yes we do date you know. And  to reveal that we are not weird, boring, or from another planet. I love the bride of Jesus Christ. Courtship and dating are the ways we get to know one another. Why not allow the church to be the greenhouse for that?

I believe risks are part of the faith journey. I believe there are times when you ask the Holy Spirit to guide you and he whispers go for it. This was one of those times. Besides, it is a faith journey and we answer to God and not man. So, we prayed and prayed and felt like Jesus said go.

I love how the show revealed to our world that chivalry is not dead and there are real gentlemen out there that know how to care, protect, and respect women. I love that it showcased a godly, single lady who loves Jesus and longs to meet a godly man. I love that Jesus got exalted as we worshipped with Natalie Grant. I love that it gave a snippet of a sermon I preached that morning. I love that it gave me a chance to dance with my precious wife, Anne and allowed us to care for our church in a tender way together. I love that it let some of my own people a chance to offer godly counsel to their man. Aren't we supposed to listen to godly counsel? I love that it showed the inner workings of a local church.

I love that it gave us a chance to meet and rub shoulders with some of Hollywood's best producers and to live Jesus in front of them. I love that it gave millions and millions a peek at what it looks like to have fun as a Christian.

We took a big chance, but our God allowed the producers to edit a show that I would let the children of Grace Community watch

Plus I love how it cemented us together as a church as we prayed, served, worked, laughed, and enjoyed each other for filming process. 

In closing, I loved working with Natalie Grant, she is the real deal. She loves Jesus, her husband, her children and others. Besides, how many chances does a person get to share a stage with woman who has the hand of God on her life? I rested well last night. I smile today because 1000's of tweets are bouncing out in cyberspace talking about Jesus, the local church, worship, and godly dating. 

And when I last checked two tweets brought me to tears, "I think I need to go back and visit the local church" and two athiest said "I might have moved one step closer to God." It's in your hands now Christians you can choose to find all the good in it and move people closer to Jesus! That's what I choose to do :)


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Wow, those last tweets you mentioned got me teary eyed too. Praise God!!

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