Monday, June 16, 2014

God wants the man!

 I want to say thank you to every single volunteer and staff member who prayed, supported, invited, served, sacrificed, gave, used their gifts and talents; from the parking crew to the bulletin stuffers. Because you joined the vision and supported the dream God absolutely moved in a mighty way.

Yes, we go all out on Father's Day to reach our men in our community, because we firmly believe if you get the man, you get the family, you get the community, and you get the world for Jesus. 1000's of people came out yesterday to be led in inspiring worship, enjoy a pre-service motorcycle ride, to engage God in creation, to hear a sermon from God's Word and to enjoy life.

We even gave away a free Harley Davidson that was won by Todd Lehman above.

 Our Property was packed with people longing to encounter Jesus. Thank you Rusty Edwards for taking these pictures.

 We had Dad games that let men compete and have fun

We witnessed tons of decisions and watched men support each other.

 We competed in tug of war while kids cheered their dads on

 We had dads love on their kids

 We saw the Spirit move in men's hearts

 We saw men make life-changing decisions

 We saw hundreds of Men take the challenge to carry the torch and lead their families.

 We had a KidFest for our children 4th grade and under.

 We saw a dad, David Kustron, win the prestigious Deer Mount for a year while his kids loved on him.

 We watched grown men let the little boy come out of  them.

 We worshipped God in the outdoors led by gifted musicians

 We competed some more

We worshiped our Savior in a loud, proud, and unashamed way! Yes, my heart overflows with gratefulness as Jesus visited us in a very special way and 100's of homes will now be changed. 

Thank you Jesus and thank you Grace Community!

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