Thursday, July 24, 2014

We are missing the boat

Knowledge puffs up... Yes the Bible tells us clearly that the pursuit of knowledge alone for noble or not so noble desires can lead to puffy/prideful/I'm right and you are not/ Christ followers.

I am an educated man by the world standards I have an AS/BA/ MDIV/ and Doctorate level studies. I am "in-the-know" when it comes to knowledge, well at least in the eyes of some credential only Christ followers. Yet, does that really equate to a more intimate relationship with Jesus? Does the knowledge about Jesus alone and the pursuit to know him more-only truly deepen my intimacy with him? Or better yet, is that the formula, discipline, or path that God longs for us to get to know him? Does knowledge about God naturally produce intimacy? Can a heady understanding of God be the best way to develop true intimacy with Jesus? Could a Christ-follower get to a point where he believes that knowledge and more knowledge about Jesus alone is the best path and the right path to develop intimacy? Does the knowledge-only path produce fully-devoted followers of Jesus? Does this desire to know more-only produce puffy-Christians? Can this be the best and only way? Does this produce the kind of disciples that our Father-God longs to have? 

Let me expound a few thoughts... The Bible gives us two Greek words used for "know" in the New Testament. One word is Oida and the other Ginosko. Oida is intellectual knowledge, the path where we learn more about something. Ginosko is knowledge that comes from experience, the knowledge we learn by hanging out with or sharing time with someone. Both paths gain knowledge. But do both paths end up in a place of intimacy with God? 

I am a Father of 3 precious kids that I love with all of my heart. I long for them to shine in our world. I long for them to be world changers for Jesus. I also long for them to love me. Yes, I want to know that that my kids love their daddy. 

With that being said, when do I feel the closest to my kids? When do I experience the deepest levels of intimacy with them? The answer to that question is when I know they want to be "with me." When they run to me, sit with me, laugh with me, sit in my lap, call me, talk to me, share their deepest struggles and greatest joys, sit with me, and hang with me.

I don't want to dismiss that I know they love me when they obey, follow my lead, live out their faith and are interested in my philosophies and wisdom for life that I have gleaned from God's Word. I love that they "oida" me. But, if that was their only pursuit to love me I would feel a major void in our relationship. It would very heady and academic and would be remiss of touch, hugs, laughter, tears,  priceless-moments, and rich intimacy.

I wonder if God ever feels this way? I wonder if he ever wishes his kids would crawl up into his lap and sit a while? I wonder if he ever says I know you "oida" me but I want to "ginosko" you? I wonder if our pursuit of knowledge-only has left us empty because intimacy has become the Book not yet read?

Does growing deeper in our walks really mean knowledge-only? Do knowledge-only Christians produce fully devoted followers of Jesus? I think we need a good dose of intimacy that is built, learned, and practiced from ginosking... 

Otherwise, we end up with puffy-only Children. I long for more than that! I love it when my kids run to me and sit in my lap!

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