Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Blue ticket-God touches

I have made a concerted effort over these last two years to slow down. Let me explain... 

I have been part of some amazing moves of God. I have witnessed first-hand moves of God that you read about in the Bible. Yet, it is so easy to just quickly move on to the next event because of the pace of life.

So, one of my goals has been to savor the moments that God brings my way. In order to do that, I have worked hard at finding ways to give him greater glory and tell the story so that others are encouraged that God is alive and well, and that he longs to do great things in their day.

I blog about it, FB, Twitter, and verbally tell others so that Jesus can gain more praise. Often I will grab a piece of the story and keep it with me so that I can remember how God came through.

The Bible is littered with this very kind of thing, only they didn't have social media, but they did broadcast it in another way. They built memorials all over the land. Just take a look in the OLD Testament. These memorials were left for people to remember that God did an amazing thing here. These memorials encouraged people week after week, year after year, as they stumbled across them in the desert or mountains. These memorials became beacons of hope for people of God. And I am sure at the most needed time they breathed life into God's people concerning the adversity in front of them.

So today, I went outside to remember what God did this past weekend. I wanted to soak it in and not move too quickly to the next event on my calendar. 

As I walked the now empty property I remembered where men stood, where people praised, where men knelt and surrendered, where men competed, where God showed up and I did a praise memorial walk around our property. 

As I walked, I saw this blue ticket laying out in the lawn all by itself and the whole weekend story flashed before my eyes. All the hours of praying, all the hours of planning, all the volunteers, and all the hours of begging God to show up scene by scene ran through my mind. It was my time to remember and thank God again, by the means of a blue ticket.

No you won't see an altar on our property, but every time I see a blue ticket in the future I will remember the great move of God and it will add another bounce in my step to press on!

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