Thursday, May 28, 2015

Do Your Kids love you more than they Love Jesus

Parenting is such a great joy...

Yet the greatest satisfaction comes when a child ages and continues to chase hard after Jesus. I would even go so far to say that the greatest gift a child can give their parents is for them to still chase after Jesus all of their lives. There is no full-proof way to make this happen because children have a free will and can make their own choices once they become adults. But there are some things that can help build godly characteristics in them. 

We are reminded in Proverbs 22:6 of this truth... start children off in the way they should go and even when they are old they will not depart from it.

Anne and are not perfect parents and we have been showered with gobs and gobs of grace as we parent our children. But we have also been very intentional in trying to start our children in the right direction as Proverbs refers to above. I will share a few things over the next couple of blogs that we have worked hard at with them.

Elevate Jesus and his mission in their lives.

* As soon as possible let them experience a mission's trip on the other side of the world.
* As soon as they can understand have them pray regularly the armor of God on their lives.
* Eat together once a day at a table at home and talk about God-moments.
* Actively share your faith with others and pull them into those conversations to show them how important it is and let them see how they are an important part in the evangelism process.
* Get them to pray at gatherings.
* Encourage them often and then some more about how good our God is and tell them you love them.
* Ask them to pray for their lost classmates regularly.
* Elevate God's Word in their lives.
* Create a safe place where they can ask questions about God and the Bible.
* Help them to be stretched in their faith by encouraging them to stand up against the peer pressure and express how God is pleased with them.
* Talk about the joy of knowing Jesus and worshipping at your local church.
* Never gossip or talk despairingly about other Christians.
* Invite them to serve in your local church with their gifting.
* Tell them often how proud you are of the way they live their lives for Jesus.
* Never expect anything from them that you are not presently willing to do yourself.
* Model Jesus in front of them.
* Teach them to tithe as soon as possible and find ways to connect their giving to an event, person, or mission so they can see how they have made a difference.
* Pray often with them instead of telling them you will pray for them. Do it now with them.
* Make sure they are connected to youth group at church.
* Allow them to fail and extend forgiveness laced with grace often.
* Make sure they worship regularly on Sunday Mornings.
* Have God talks in the car while you are going from point A to Point B. 
* Help them connect the dots as to how God provided for you and them.
* Ask for forgiveness and say I am sorry when you have sinned with them.
* Let them see that Hard Circumstances create Strong children.
* Laugh a lot with them 
* Pray for favor protection and blessing on their life everyday.
* Never compare their progress or lack of against their siblings let them become the best version of themselves.

More tomorrow, but I will close with this... Way too many parents raise Children that love them more than they love Jesus. Thanks Josh, Hannah and Isaiah you are a great blessing to us!

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