Thursday, June 4, 2015

My daughter captured it in one sentence

Love keeps no records of wrongs. I have read that 100's of times and even used it in sermons, weddings, and counseling sessions. It is the crux of a healthy relationship. 


... My daughter said something to me on Sunday while we were debriefing the Message that I had preached that Sunday morning. Yes pastors do discuss the sermon too, we just don't roast the pastor :)

I had just preached from the Book of Malachi and we were in Malachi 3:13-18 and it gives reference to God having a scroll of remembrance that he writes in concerning the things we do that are praiseworthy to him. I shared the story of God getting a chance at our funeral's to give his testimony about our lives after everyone else has spoken. Jesus walks to the microphone and pulls out the Scroll of Remembrance and just reads. 

Certainly it would be a pin-drop moment for those in attendance as every detail would be 100% accurate and meaningful because the God of the Universe has recorded it. It basically would be a summation of all the good we had done for him.

As we were talking about this, Hannah said, "Dad, God only keeps track of the good things!" Wow that truth pierced the air like a flaming arrow in darkness. God keeps no records of our wrongs. 

Process that a little as we did that afternoon the King of Kings only records and remembers the good we have done. The Bible says He chooses not to remember our sins anymore. The Bible tells us that the good deeds we have done will somehow be broadcasted and rewarded at the Bema Seat. The Bible is clear that God's record keeping keeps no record of wrongs. 

Imagine if you can if we began to do the same with those that we love. Imagine a world where we forgive and choose only to point out the good in each other instead of our religious lists of what we don't like. Imagine family members keeping track only of the good that their family has done that day, that week, that year, or that lifetime.

Imagine family gatherings, church worship services, business meetings, friendships that only journaled the good. 

That thought is a divine one that our Father God models well and we have some major work to do! When we begin to do that the world will run to Jesus in droves because they have never witnessed anything like it. Love keeps no record of wrongs and they will know we are Christians by our love for each other! 


Mid Stutsman said...

Beautiful Truth! Out of the mouth of "babes" . . .
But for the grace of God, my life would be a sorry and sad epitaph~so thankful for the Lord's redemption, and that God only remembers the good in my life. And even then, I owe all of that "good" to HIM!

Jim Brown said...

This truth is simply powerful and is liberating for us as Christ-followers. We serve a Mighty God!