Tuesday, September 16, 2008

ipod made for two

I love this photo of my boys. They are sharing the ear buds on Josh's ipod. Josh and Isaiah spent a lot of time together last year and shared a room while we opened our home to two college students for the year. As a family we found ourselves sharing rooms, bathrooms, spaces, time, stuff and our lives. It changed us a lot, for the better. We are different, a really good different!

Just last night we once again opened our home to an exchange student from Norway. His name is Gaute Helgesen, he is 16 and a junior at Fairfield High school. We are excited to have him live with us this year.

One of the many good things that happens when you share your home is that you loosen up your grip on possessions. My kids were thrilled about opening up our home to Gaute and they see the value that comes by doing so. Secondly you grow closer to each other as you rub shoulders daily. I wonder when Josh and Isaiah look back on this picture 20 years from now what they will think. Well I know what it does for me, it moves me deeply to see my boys loving on each other.

Take time today and open your eyes for ways to love the world and be willing to open up your home . You might find your eyes tearing up as I am, as I type this entry. Help us God to be a Matthew 25:40 kind of family that clothes, feeds, visits and loves you. Welcome to our family Gaute!

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