Friday, September 12, 2008

He Gets it!

Just read the book last night called IT... How Churches and Leaders Can Get it and Keep it!

Well JeRod Cherry gets it. The first time I met JeRod was on the stage at Momentum Youth Conference. I just finished a message in front of about 2000 teens and gave them an opportunity to meet the needs of the world.

The teens gave over $70,000.00 that night and built two orphanages with Asia's Hope and supported 100,000 meals through Feed My Starving Children. It was a night where they got it too.

As I was hugging teens during the giving portion I was approached by Ed Lewis to meet a man on stage. This is when I first met JeRod. He was there at the conference with some teens from his church. I soon found out that he was a 3-time Superbowl winner with the New England Patriots.

He shared with me that God moved in his heart and he wanted to sell one of his Superbowl rings and stop the injustice in our world. JeRod gave generously, sacrificially and from his heart. This video is the interview in Boston of his raffle of the ring. Watch it and ask God how you can help out too.

You will see photos of my sons in the video , we spent time this summer as a family in Asia trying to make a small dent in the injustice in Cambodia and Thailand. We found ourselves in a rice field after the bus broke down sharing Jesus with a Cambodian family. Thanks JeRod, the sports world needs more athletes like you who Get it!

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