Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Pulling it out of them

Pull it out of them. Every year we take a caravan of men to western Maryland for a wild at heart retreat. I love this retreat for a variety of reasons, but one of the main things I love to do is pull something out of a man that he has let die. You see every man on some level wants to have an outlet to give everything he can. It knocks the cobwebs of his past loose and lets him know he still has juice in his tanks
I watch it happen when men get a chance to physically compete. I watched 9 guys on quads start from a hole shot on a mountain trail to get to an opening made for 2 quads. Needless to say no one let off and the Cumberland Hospital had a dizzy and scraped driver as a new patient. I have watched guys pop ribs, blow out an ACL and pull every muscle known to kinesiology.
This photo above was my team after giving everything they could in a tug-of-war match while being scraped by a thorn bush. When this match was over, my team laid around bloody, out-of-breath but feeling good. I had one of my guys say this to me "Jim I have not given that much since high school wrestling." I love pulling it out of men!
By the way when people give everything they are never the same again, fear crumbles, dreams resurface, and we live the way God intended us to. I wonder how many men right now are all bound up because they have believed a lie that their best days are behind them.
Well I beg to differ, put a gold hatchet prize in front of a group of men and ask them to start a fire from scratch, canoe down the Potomac river, carry a 20 foot log up a mountain, make a 8 foot slingshot, sleep under the stars, and try to beat my team and you will see stuff you've never seen before.
I'm ready to pull it out of you again, guys!

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