Tuesday, September 9, 2008

ihop or not hop

My wife and I were sitting in ihop yesterday on my day off. We jumped on the Harley to get there. We were greeted by a friendly server who took our drink order. I noticed her name tag which read Dana. As she walked away I told my wife that she was very friendly and seemed open to chat. We always look for opportunities to-hop our conversations to Jesus.

Dana came back and took our order I ordered my favorite, eggs sunny-side up, sausage , and pancakes. Anne ordered scrambled eggs, home fries, toast and bacon. Normally at this juncture we let our server know that we are going to pray and ask if there is anything we can pray for them about. But before i-hopped into that discussion she just opened up, I mean she pulled the plug and told us the story of her life and kids. It wasn't very pretty. Three kids, 2 different dads and now a new boyfriend, but in the midst of this mess was a three-year son who had a broken down mini crotch-rocket.

She shared how this son wanted his dad to fix it so he could ride it. But dad hasn't been in the picture for a year. She said Tevin called it a vroom-vroom. Oh did my heart break for this little guy. In his front room set this broken down bike. Dana shared that he would-hop on it and pretend to ride it. Well God was doing something before us that was very clear he wanted us to jump on this opportunity. We prayed for Dana and Tevin and got her phone number and promised to find a way to get her son's crotch rocket up and running.

Could it be that God took us to ihop so that teven could-hop on his motorcycle and allow Dana to-hop on to Jesus! Well, pray for us as we try to bring hope to a 3 year old and eternal life to a mom who happens to share our same last name. Sounds like a plan made in heaven for a big-Brown motorcycle enthusiast to a little-Brown motorcycle enthusiast.

... Anne and I jumped onto the Harley and vroomed away with a mental picture of a 3-year vrooming in his yard on his crotch rocket.

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eliza said...

I just happened onto your blog, Pastor Jim. This story touched my heart as I also have a 3-year-old boy. Tears ran down my face as I read it. I'm praying for little Tevin and his mom that the love you and Ann showed them will plant a seed and make an ultimate difference.