Monday, September 15, 2008

The shoes left behind

One day you will pass away and your family will walk to your closet and look at your footwear. Your legacy will come alive as they look at your shoes. All kinds of memories will flash from their memory banks. Your life has left footprints. What are you leaving behind?

I know that one day my kids will say goodbye to me and the shoes of my life will be a reminder of the life I lived. My prayer is that when they clean out my closet they will remember me as a dad who Loved Jesus, Loved them generously, Loved their mom, and Loved the world like Jesus did.

I pray that when they step into my boots like I did above in a recent message that I will have left them something to live on with. Please God help us to not waste our time walking on the wrong roads, may our steps be on the straight and narrow.

I snapped a photo in our mud room this morning of our shoes and all kinds of memories came to mind. I sat down and prayed for my family and asked God to guide our steps. Take time today and pray through your kid's closests.

Watch your steps closely one day your child will want to be just like you!

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