Thursday, September 4, 2008

Now you go Brown Now you go!

Now you go Brown, now you go! In high school I ran the 800 meter race. Actually it was 800 yards, back in the day, on a cinder track, up hills both ways... You get the picture it was a long time ago. My coach was Yogi Martin. He was known for his squeaky, yet boisterous voice.
He was a coach-superb and was everywhere during the meets. At least it felt that way. In my case he hung out on the 3rd turn, on the 2nd lap, of the 800. As I neared the turn completely dead, lifeless, on an oxygen tank, ready to coast home, he would begin to yell! His words still keep me awake at night as I recall him shouting to me; "Now you go Brown, now you go!"
Back in the day, I dreaded that turn, because I knew coach would get on my case. At least that is what I thought it was at the time. As I have aged, gracefully some would say, I have come to appreciate that dreaded turn and squeaky voice. You see he really knew how to encourage me. He knew what it took to get the best out of me.
In the photo above you will see my daughter Hannah, running in a x-country meet. If you look closely you will see me along the way shouting, "now you go Brown, now you go!" I remember telling her "see that red jersey in front of you go get her honey!"
I haven't seen coach in years and I don't even know if he is physically alive, but he lives on, in me. Proverbs 16:24b says it this way... And how good is a timely word! Oh, by the way Hannah did respond to those words and wow did Brown go! Now you go Brown, now you go!
And another thing, I have been accused of being everywhere on the course too, just like Yogi. It's amazing how quick a body of this age can still run. Got to give credit to Coach Martin for yellng to me. I have this feeling one day in the woods I will run into him yelling at some other runner "now you go ....... now you go!"

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