Saturday, September 6, 2008

Welcome Home!

This was our welcome home from Asia this summer. Mr Charmin found his way to our place and really felt at home. One thing for sure we don't have a shortage of tp at the Brown Household these days. The work was a masterpiece and in our side yard single pieces were perfectly placed in every square foot.

Now here is the real kicker, we never got to see this artwork that you secretly did at night. You see our neighbors cleaned it all up before we got home that day and took pictures for us to see the work. In fact you left some incredible evidence behind, in the form of a receipt from the local pharmacy with a date and time. Oh by the way a Gracie works there and has access to the video cameras the day before when you giggled at the register.

And in case you didn't know we have video security installed by mm-security that has you laughing one foot away. So the Browns have secretly planned revenge and it is a real doozy. You know that night you have planned to be out in two weeks, well you probably should stay home and keep the light on.

See you on the third dream of the night , we have been scanning youtube for the newest prank and it is... well sleep lightly! Oh yeah we plan on giving it our best for Jesus... Welcome Home!

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