Monday, October 27, 2008


7:17, no it is not a Bible verse, but it is a number. My 9-year old son, Isaiah, just ran in a one mile fun run, with the three elementary schools in our community. He lined up with about 40 other 9-12 year-old boys, to tackle the monster mile.

His final time was 7:17 and he finished 8th overall, which was incredible for his age. He received a medal for his finish. It was part of an event, that the high school xcountry team hosts every year, to get kids interested in running.

My daughter Hannah runs xcountry, and was there in fine form, dressed in a crazy fashion to help out. The picture below shows her 2nd from the left, along with other teammates. Hannah has a way of making everything fun.

You should have seen his final kick, he gave it all, and we were so very proud of him. He grabbed his medal and ribbon and we headed home. Good job buddy for 7:17!

Can't wait till next years' run!

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