Saturday, October 25, 2008

Grace In Haiti

Here is a beautiful orphan girl in Haiti... She is just one of the many children, that received love, and help from our Church. Our Grace Team just got back, from a trip to Haiti. We were moved by the Hurricanes, that ravaged this country, and we wanted to do something about it.

Here at Grace we take seriously, the great commission. We know that Jesus wants us to be on mission, every day of our lives. There is a great discussion right now, that is trying to solve this question, "what does a fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ look like?"

I think they are more than book worms with intellectual knowledge, because way too many Christians, are educated way beyond their level of obedience. The short and sweet answer is this, they are on mission. They have taken what they have learned, experienced, seen and put it in to action. Here at Grace we offer and plan many ways for our Gracies to be on mission.

A follower who is not sharing his life, the Gospel, in some fashion or another, is not on mission. If you are not fishing than you can't be following. Followers of Jesus, FISH!

This team did just that. They jumped on a plane and met the poorest of the poorest in our world and poured into their lives. We have sent teams to Thailand, Cambodia, China, Haiti, Africa, Kentucky, Ohio, Philadelphia, Chicago, Louisiana, Florida and many other places just this year.

I love my mission minded-church and we have 100's of fully devoted followers of Jesus!

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